'Decades of Research Have Shown that Environment Shapes Behaviour'

Our Mission

Sit Less aspires to change the academic landscape. with a core focus on improving the health of children and raising overall academic performance globally.

Company Overview

Proudly Australian designed, a Sit Less Desk is an extremely reliable, safe, affordable and easy to use height-adjustable desk that is designed and built specifically for the school classroom.

It aims to change the way children learn and grow by encouraging an active learning environment, while fostering healthier and more productive students.

Supported by research and driven by both passion and innovation, a Sit Less height adjustable desk is the best solution for problems associated with inactive classrooms, for schools, teachers and students alike.

A letter from the Founder and MD:

Thank you for visiting our website.

After 20 years in professional sport and over 30 in business, Sit Less is a product which is my ‘change the world’ moment. A passion for healthier children was born from a global childhood obesity epidemic that we need to meet head on. We change a child’s habits around sedentary behaviour and we give them a lifetime of improved health and opportunity.

Being married to one of the world's leading researchers in this field also means I live day to day with the exciting evidence-based changes taking place in the classroom environment. The research is clear, there are health risks associated with prolonged sitting and active classrooms are also beneficial to children’s learning. A Sit Less height adjustable desk is proudly designed in collaboration with teachers and researchers so it is specific to your needs. I hope you will enjoy exploring our site and learning about the many benefits attached to sitting less 'a little more every day'

Healthier Students, Better Learning.

Paul Salmon
Founder and Managing Director


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