Come home to the best homework station money can buy.

Providing an Áskisi Station  in the home shows how serious you are about education, and the high regard in which you hold the health and fitness of your children.

The Áskisi Station comes in two sizes (620 & 720) to suit both primary and secondary school students. It also compliments any size home.

In large homes where mobility is a factor, the station’s inbuilt wheels make it easy to transport from one area to another. For smaller homes or apartments which can be space constrained, the compact nature of the Áskisi Station is also ideal.

Giving kids the autonomy to sit or stand when they feel the need, provides much needed relief in a growing body. Research shows a far greater ability to concentrate for longer periods with better recall of information when the body posture is allowed to reset at regular intervals.

Designed specifically to improve productivity, the Áskisi Station creates a new standard in form and fuction with it's research backed innovations.

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Additional storage basket further reduces clutter

Future-proof. Built in space allow for tech additions

Easily fits through standard doors

Lightweight and easily moved, tipping engages built in wheels

Nestable for easy storage

Additional laptop stand doubles desktop space and improves posture when typing

Under tray storage for folders and laptops

Useful whiteboard space allows for magnets to keep work in place

Footrests provide opportunity for stretching and support

Easily transitions from sitting to standing with one lever

Moulded tray holds digital tablet, pens and instruments

Built in holder for water bottles and keep cups


Built to the highest standards for safetly, stabilty and robustness, the station has achieved and international intertek accreditation. It is produced using predominately recycled materials and comes with a 5 years warranty.