'A Classroom That Supports Active Learning Significantly Impacts How They Learn'

Student Benefits

Sit Less for just 30 minutes per day and changing posture can:

  • Improve classroom behaviour
  • Increase concentration levels
  • Improve academic grades
  • Lower body mass index
  • Reduce waist circumference
  • Improve blood lipid profiles
  • Increase vitamin D levels
  • Research also suggests Sit Less classrooms are likely to be highly beneficial to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Hyperactivity Disorder

School Benefits

As schools want the best outcomes from their students, so if they Sit Less:

  • Academically the school profile will improve
  • Better health and well-being for their students
  • Teachers can encourage students to Sit Less thus increasing their activity levels without impacting the time to deliver their curriculum
  • Classroom behaviour improves with children being less restless during lessons
  • Flexibility to arrange the desks for either individual or group lessons inside or outside


  • I've been even more active live getting up from the couch and going outside
  • Now I play more sports and don't sit around talking.
  • I have learnt being active is a big part of life.
  • I have been playing more with my friends than sitting and talking.
  • I do more sport now and find sitting boring sometimes.
  • These are cool, when are we getting them!


  • Sitting less doesn't impact on the classroom time. It helps to transition to new lessons or refocus on a task! We all need the break!
  • Sit less strategies engage the students and show them the importance of being physically active.
  • We have been waiting for something that is this good and also affordable.