A standing ovation, before you even speak.

Everyone knows that sit-stand desks increase productivity and come packed with plenty of health benefits. But the Askisi Station takes your average hot desk to the next level with its innovative design features, focus on mobility, flexible configuration options and unrivaled stability. It’s the colleague you never knew you needed.


Designed to move you.

Mobility is the solution for work spaces that guarantee success. The ability to configure corporate spaces and offices however you need heightens health benefits for, not just 9-5 workers, but business contacts and event attendees: whether used in offices, warehouses, meeting rooms, or at training seminars, conferences, and business events.


Invest in the latest corporate solution from just $1.65* a week

Now more than ever, you can assure performance, concentration and comfort for your business colleagues with Askisi's unique rent to keep plan, as a lease/hire purchase. *Subject to credit approval. Based on minimum orders of $5,000 (or equivalent number of desks). Price based on 50 desks purchased over 5 years.


Why the Askisi Station wins employee of the month, every month

  • Stylish model made for aesthetic integration into office and corporate spaces
  • Sit or stand with easy height adjustment
  • Turn one desk into a larger collaborative work space by joining Stations together, in a modular design
  • Meeting mobility - with the autonomy to move, configure meetings any way you want or easily take the Askisi Station to separate work areas in the office, conference rooms, or relocate them for internal training sessions
  • Bring corporate events or seminars into a new era and spread the health benefits of standing to not just employees but event attendees
  • Unrivaled durability for a sit stand desk - not only are they safe but they can withstand the effects of hot desking and workplace wear and tear for decades



Designed specifically or interactive work environments, the Áskisi Station creates a new standard in features and function.

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Additional storage basket further reduces clutter

Future-proof. Built in space allows for tech additions

Height adjustable solution ideal for office and corporate spaces

A work station that helps you present with style and ease

Nestable for easy storage

Additional laptop stand doubles desktop space and improves posture when typing

Strong, durable and portable in size

Laptop stand clips on securely for additional desk space

Made to move, the Askisi Station allows for hotdesking, office meetings and training, any time at any place

Under tray storage for folders and laptops

Moulded tray holds digital tablet, pens and instruments

Built in holder for water bottles and keep cups


Built to the highest standards for safetly, stabilty and robustness, the station has achieved and international intertek accreditation. It is produced using predominately recycled materials and comes with a 5 years warranty.