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Peak Phys Ed

Innovation and Excellence in Physical Education

Peak Phys Ed are recognised as leaders in the provision of contemporary, tailored, high quality professional learning opportunities for teachers of Health, Physical Education, Sport Education and Outdoor Education in Victoria, the ACT, NSW and Queensland, with teachers from all over Australia travelling to attend their conferences. In addition to this they are recognised as producing cutting edge teaching and learning resources and conduct student revision programs throughout the state of Victoria.

Sit Less is a Silver Sponsor to Peak Phys Ed’s Conference programs in Australia.

UpStanding Kids

Working to get standing desks into classrooms and end the epidemic of sitting

At UpStanding Kids, we're working to get standing desks into classrooms and end the epidemic of sitting. UpStanding Kids ( is a registered charity and not for profit run by volunteers.

We are committed to working with manufacturers like Sit Less to produce the best desk without any bias or financial interest.

We've reached a critical point in the health of our children. Kids are spending up to 85% of their day sitting down. These sedentary lifestyles are not what humans were built for, and it leads to an array of health problems which can follow children through their adult lives.

Not only is standing better for their health, it has also been shown to improve focus in the classroom. It allows the kids more freedom to fidget, something that children need to do. Children often have seemingly endless energy; we can't bundle all of it into a chair all day and expect the best results for their health or their learning.

Standing desks are a simple and effective solution to a big problem. Help us in our mission at UpStanding Kids. Take a stand in the cause to help our children be more engaged at school, have better health, and be more active and happy.

Sit Less is a Strategic Partner to

International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity

Advancing Behavioural Change Science

Our Vision

ISBNPA will be the international leader in advancing and fostering excellence in research on nutrition behavior and physical activity.

Our Mission

We stimulate, promote and advocate innovative research and policy in the area of behavioral nutrition and physical activity toward the betterment of human health worldwide.

Our Members

ISBNPA has an international presence with nearly 900 members representing 40 countries (numbers from May 2016). Our members come together from more than 40 government agencies, industry and professional organizations as well as close to 150 academic and medical institutions. Members bring to this organization a diversity of experience and expertise, with professional credentials including BSc, DrPH, EdD, LD, MBA, MD, MPH, MSC, PhD, RD, and RN.

Sit Less sponsorship of the ISBNPA 2016 conference in Capetown included:

  • The Welcome Dinner

  • The Sit Less ‘Most Actively Engaged Delegate Award’


Built to the highest standards for safetly, stabilty and robustness, the station has achieved and international intertek accreditation. It is produced using predominately recycled materials and comes with a 5 years warranty.