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'Classroom Innovation and Functionality is not Tables and Chairs'

Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

You may have heard the phrase ‘sitting is the new smoking’ - well scientific research has identified several health risks associated with prolonged sitting in school classrooms. Active classrooms are also beneficial to children’s learning.

Research-backed and innovation driven, at Sit Less we invite children to break up sitting throughout the day; for that reason a Sit Less height adjustable desk is a revolutionary product that is specifically designed and built for the classroom.

Simple to operate for all kids, a Sit Less desk will nest together creating floor space in the classroom. It is easy to maneuver into clusters for group work and has an interchangeable work surface.

A unique feature that accompanies the desk is a ‘teachers’ guide’ to ensure all benefits are maximised resulting in higher concentration levels, greater performance, and overall improved physical health.

If kids sit less a little more every day we can activate good habits that will last a lifetime.


Fast Fact

“With one-in-four kids and one-in-three teenagers in Australia overweight or obese and very few meeting national physical activity guidelines, we really need to re-engineer opportunities for kids to reduce their sitting and move more to burn energy throughout the day.

Regularly changing posture from sitting to standing also helps kids pay attention and focus in class, aids short-term memory and even benefits academic performance in the long term.”

Professor Jo Salmon


Built to the highest standards for safetly, stabilty and robustness, the station has achieved and international intertek accreditation. It is produced using predominately recycled materials and comes with a 5 years warranty.